Review – A Man of Taste by Shira Glassman

Vampires have always been sexy. Traditionally they have been smart, well dressed, aristocratic men, until Twilight ruined it for everyone by making them mardy teenagers.

Shira Glassman’s vampire Nellie is solidly working class, is invisible to humans, and doesn’t sparkle. She’s also a very sensible woman.

Nelly is an unwilling vampire, and is faced with the dilemma of eating ethically or eating well. The best humans are also the best tasting. The kind of humans who deserve a bite to the neck taste bitter and rancid. Unwilling to kill a good man, she finds a place where good and bad men die in equal measure, the battlefield. She finds Jacob, an honourable man, who is killed and becomes a dybbuk. As well as satisfying Nellie’s need for blood, Jacob can satisfy her in other ways.

This short story has a spicy, and happy ending. If you are squeamish about blood then it’s unsurprisingly not for you. Out on Friday the Thirteenth, A Man of Taste is a Halloween treat that won’t ruin your teeth.

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