He hands me a faded black and white photograph. Mr Jones must be the old man, and I was right, he was handsome in his day. In the picture he wears an RAF uniform, his hair groomed in the same style as it is now, but darker. Next to him in a skirt suit, holding a bunch of flowers is a dark haired woman. I gasp.

PC Singh points at the woman in the picture “This woman…”

“She does look just like me, doesn’t she? How odd.”

PC Singh and WPC Linnet look at each other, then WPC Linnet pats my hand and says “I’ll get you another cuppa.”

Forget Me Not is an anthology of short stories. “Mum” is a piece written as a flash fiction challenge, “The Green Man” follows some of the miners from Mighty Like a Rose underground and “Zawraa Park” is based on a true story of lions escaping in Baghdad during the Iraq war. Two other stories are loosely based on true events but I’ll leave it to you to guess which ones.

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