“Get out. Get far away if you have to. Don’t leave him for me, leave him for yourself. Even if I never saw you again, if we couldn’t ever be friends, I’ll be happier with that than seeing you every day with you being with him, I’m not saying I would make you happy, Mary, but at least I’d try.”

Romance novel cover - Mighty Like a Rose
Romance novel cover – Mighty Like a Rose

Mary Ryder is a housewife, her once fiery nature ground down by a life of cleaning and cooking for her drunken husband Nigel. A chance meeting with idealistic mineworker Lewis Evans makes her realise what love can be. But Mary made a commitment to Nigel: for better, for worse. When the National Union of Mineworkers calls a strike, Mary doesn’t realise it will change her, and the town, forever. A tale of love, friendship and solidarity, set against the backdrop of the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike, Mighty Like a Rose follows Mary on her journey from neat detached house to the front line of the UK’s longest-running industrial dispute.

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