Lightbox Literary Festival 2017

The inaugural Lightbox Literary Festival 2017 runs from Thurs 20 April – Sun 23 April and I am extremely excited to have been invited to lead a Q&A with established author Nicola May. Nicola, author of Love Me Tinder,  Better Together and The School Gates, to name just a few,  went from self-publishing her novels to being picked up by Accent Press who went on to publish all of her books. Needless to say I’m hoping to pick up some of the secrets to her success.

Tickets are £8, £6 for Friends of the Lightbox, and are available at

One thought on “Lightbox Literary Festival 2017

  1. A good piece…and it wasgreat how sympathetically and seamlessly you two worked together. i don’t feel pleased with my promised piece so maybe you could wnhance it eith A quote I can incorporate for Thurs?

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